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First big watch list of 2021, just follow it!

For girls who have been in the workforce for a while
For girls who have been in the workforce for a while, having a watch that suits your personality can help to enhance your look
Whether it’s for your daily commute, a friend’s party
or for important occasions
A quality watch is as rare as a piece of jewellery.
Classic, high value watches for women
There are watch brands as well as jewellery and fashion brands.
For your first gift of 2021, why not choose a watch for yourself?
Many people will consider a Longines watch as an engagement gift, especially the Dolce Vita collection, which is a symbol of a sweet life, full of happiness and promise for the future, and a great value watch that is a symbol of romance in itself.
The square dial with polished silver plated hands is stylish and can be worn on its own without the need for accessories, and is already eye-catching enough to raise the bar in a second.
This year there are more straps to choose from, especially the belts,buy replica watches in vintage reddish brown, lively orange and mint green, which are the favourites of many celebrities.
As an entry-level watch, this small square watch is both classy and cost-effective.
The Chopard Happy Diamond collection is so hot! Definitely one of the most popular diamond watches for women, many girls choose the Happy Sport for their first watch.
The Happy Sport is the result of a combination of jewellery and watchmaking craftsmanship. The diamonds in the dial are free to rotate and bling bling, no girl can resist such a beautiful and delicate watch!
The Happy Diamond collection is super selective, but the downside is: it’s too difficult for the phobic ladies to choose 😂
In addition to the most basic black band, there are many colours to choose from, we recommend the 5 diamond mechanical, the price is relatively high, as for all steel or half gold and half steel, or all gold, according to their preferences and budget to choose good, half gold and half steel compared to all steel will be brighter, there are gold and diamonds means there are into and earn
The Piaget watch is very user-friendly, you can add diamonds and letters according to your preference, just add money.
Piaget is famous for its ultra-thin movements, and we recommend the Possesion collection as a starter model, each of which has a signature rotating circle design, signifying that time is running.
This watch is more feminine and feminine to wear and has a very feminine feel to it.
Piaget has a watch that costs more than 100,000 to start with, but this one is worth every penny at around 3w with 12 small diamonds!
The Cartier Blue Balloon series can be said to be one of the million dollar watches that no girl does not like, a little blue, only on the hands and crown, understated and unrefined, the iconic blue cabochon synthetic tip quartz, like a rising miniature hot air balloon!
The 28 is a quartz watch and the 33 is an automatic mechanical movement. Petite girls are better suited to a smaller dial, like 28mm, which is particularly showy to wear.
If you like fashion, you can choose a belt, or if you like simplicity and generosity, you can choose a steel belt. Whether it’s a belt or a steel belt, it looks great on the hands and is not fussy.
The blue balloon series has been updated, the price of the basic model in the 3w-5w, pink dial, the girl’s heart bursting, not bad money can also choose with diamond models,replica piaget watches sparkling people love ~.
The Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori is one of the most classic rose gold models with a diamond bezel.
The 33mm case looks great on Lise’s hand. Whether it’s at an event, in a magazine, or on her blog, this watch is always in the spotlight, so it’s clear how much we love it.
Of course, the diamond-studded models that cost around $20w are something that social animals like me can’t afford to buy (actually, I can’t afford it).
The gold is gorgeous, the silver is understated and high class, and the price is only a fifth of the price.
The Bvlgari watch is particularly recognisable, with its iconic teardrop head, a bracelet inspired by the scales of the snake, and an 18-carat rose gold bezel, which makes the gold and silver match even more noble.

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